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Meet Wordsmith Mirror Schwartz-Meadows!

Mirror Schwartz-Meadows is the third member of Jupiter Camp’s Module 1 pilot beginning May 7!

A singer/songwriter and visual artist, Mirror's work has a consistently spiritual quality that is poignant, bittersweet at times, but piercingly relatable. I met Mirror last year at a workshop in their hometown of Portland, Oregon; and I've been hoping the universe would allow us to make art together again soon!

In their Camp application, Mirror said, “As a queer, nonbinary trans person myself, I would love to be a part of helping uplift and encourage fellow trans artists in finding their unique voices and talents, as well as growing my own.

"I would love to create more pieces that both highlight and normalize the vast variety of trans and queer experiences, since so often nonbinary narratives especially are overlooked or dismissed."

That's exactly what we're here for. Our stories in our voices. Let's go!

The Module 1 cohort is filling up quickly, so check out the schedule and apply soon, friends! Applying is always free, and Jupiter will be happy to set up a crowdfunding page (here's Mirror's!) for anyone who wants to use this method.

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