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Meet Jupiter Super Camper Jules Baldwin!

The sixth member of the Camp cohort and the second member of the Jupiter Ensemble is tenor and librettist Jules Baldwin! Jules is taking advantage of the work-study option; they will be participating in Module One as a wordsmith, AND they will be recording some of their colleagues' new songs in the Barn! They write funny, impassioned lyrics, and we are so excited to hear their classical tenor and sotesta sounds!

In their interview process, Jules said (with their whole chest), "In society today, we are seeing a resurgence of purity culture and sanitization of the queer community, by [those] who don’t know that we stand on the shoulders of those who fought the good fight to allow the queer community at large to be here and queer, and proud of our identity. There’s a reason we said and still say 'get used to it.' What I explore in my own writing is taking tropes based in misogyny and patriarchal BS and subverting them to tell ignored yet crucial stories about queer icons from the past and the present. Queer people didn’t just suddenly start to exist when Ellen came out. We’ve been here, we are here, and we’re staying here. Get used to it."

Jules, yes to all that. We are going to make some messy, joyful, grimy, truthful, unapologetically hopeful stories about our queer lives. And the rest of the world can damn well get used to it.

Psst - want to help us raise the Barn? Check out the Barn's Amazon wish list, with many items under $20!

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