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Meet Jupiter Ensemble Singer Claire Bronchick!

At the Jupiter headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, we are busy building out a Barn microtheater for workshopping and recording all compositions from Module One (and beyond!)

Right here in the Queer Capital of the South, we are gathering beloved musical colleagues to bring our queer stories to life! The first member of the Jupiter Ensemble is vocalist Claire Bronchick! A Sarah Lawrence grad with onstage experience in acting and MT mezzo roles, they also have a growing list of costume design credits!

In their application, Claire said that as a performer, "I want to see more queer joy! Less of the Tragic Queer Character who dies/fails/loses everything... Queer love stories, queer people succeeding and growing and thriving."

We had a wonderful chat about some of the prompts coming up for Module One: A lesbian plans her first political campaign, a transmasc person gets their first binder/packer, a queer demisexual person gets home from the perfect first date...

Claire, we cannot wait for you to fill the air in the Jupiter Barn with stories of queer joy, queer triumph, and a brighter future for all of us. Let's put some hope into the world.

Psst - want to help us raise the Barn? Check out the Barn's Amazon wish list, with many items under $20!

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