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Meet Jupiter Camp Collaborative Accompanist (& Super Camper) Elle Meerovich!

Amid the drifts of Richmond's infamous springtime pollen season, the multidisciplinary Elle Meerovich (she/they) visited the Barn to chat about working with our Ensemble singers during Jupiter Camp. At Virginia Commonwealth University, she's the music theater department's collab pianist, as well as a vocal coach. With credentials like those, we were sure she'd be a great fit, sight unseen.

But in addition to those credentials, Elle brought in a mountain of amazing vibes, creative energy, gorgeous aesthetics, and ample imagination developed in her work as a performer, playwright, and composer. She played some clever, compelling, infinitely singable music theater moments she'd composed, and you'll never guess what happened...

Elle Meerovich is coming to Jupiter Camp, too! Like Jules, she'll be a Super Camper, participating as a camper and a workshop musician for the duration of Module 1.

“I’m thrilled to be joining this community and to be given the opportunity to create queer art rooted in our humanity," Elle said.

"Right now, there is an incredible amount of fear and hatred being thrown at the transgender community, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with this group of artists, and create works that explore all facets of being queer— the joy, the anger, the fear, the love— and maybe help people understand us a little better.”

That is the hope, the dream, the prayer, and the purpose of Jupiter: Season One! We are fully squeeing to work with you, Elle!

(Want to help the Jupiter team on our journey? We're raising money to finish the build-out for our workshopping/recording space!)

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