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Meet Jupiter Barn Season One Artistic Director Aiden Feltkamp!

Aiden Feltkamp (they/he) is a known quantity, okay?

Back in 2020, Aiden and I got to work together in an early Aria Institute cohort, going through the same exhilarating creative exercises the Jupiter Campers will be undertaking this spring and summer. From that experience, I knew Aiden to be a delightful collaborator, a skilled wordsmith, and a truly wonderful person.

Their reputation as a librettist, vocal anthologist, and community builder has only grown in the past several years. In particular, their collection of songs for trans and non-binary voices has underscored their desire and ability to bring gender non-conforming folks to a fuller, more representative role within the opera industry. (And check out Priestess of Morphine, a monodrama they wrote with enby Chicago composer and American Prize for Opera-winner Rosśa Crean!)

Therefore, it is with absolute giddiness and chest-puffing pride that Jupiter announces Aiden will be serving as Artistic Director for Season One (2023-2024) at the Jupiter Barn! As Artistic Director, Aiden will be coordinating multiple development initiatives, from traditional grant-writing to web-based crowdfunding experiments.

They will also be overseeing the official opera season at the Barn. This will include TWO productions of new, as-yet-unselected scores (call for scores coming soon!) in late 2023 and the world premiere of Frog in May 2024.

I am so thrilled to have found in Aiden a collaborator whose vision and passion for this work is so well-aligned with what Jupiter is all about. Give 'em a follow on Insta, and stay tuned for more deets on Season One at the Barn!

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