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Meet Composer Grace Statwick

Grace Statwick is an artist. They play instruments, they sing, they paint, they're incurably creative. They're also intensely community-focused with a deep passion for Jupiter's ideals and aims.

So it is with great pleasure that we announce Grace is joining the Jupiter family as the first cohort member of Jupiter Camp's pilot module!

(And they cut a sweet deal to help us out with painting the Jupiter Barn microtheater, too! More on that soon...)

Like many of us, Grace was classically trained from a young age, but they found a lot of fulfillment in life and work outside the ivory towers of classical performing arts. We are so grateful to have connected with Grace, and we can't wait to start collaborating with the rest of the team! We are already teaching each other and lighting each other's fires to create something new and amazing.

We can't wait for you to join us! The Module 1 cohort is filling up quickly, so check out the schedule and apply soon, friends! Applying is always free, and Jupiter will be happy to set up a crowdfunding page (here's Grace's!) for anyone who wants to use this method.

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