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Meet Composer Chess Albaneze

Chess Albaneze is the second member of Jupiter Camp’s Module 1 pilot beginning May 7!

A multi-disciplinary artist, Chess has long impressed me with their visual art, drag performance, and musical compositions. We can’t wait to hear their upcoming Jupiter creations!

In their application, Chess said, “Art is a powerful tool for empathy and there has been so much trans hate lately that we need to push back and tell stories that humanize us. I love telling queer stories but would specifically like to focus on trans ones.”

We couldn’t agree more, and we are so delighted to welcome you to the chosen family, Chess. The trans joy will fill our cup to overflowing.

The Module 1 cohort is filling up quickly, so check out the schedule and apply soon, friends! Applying is always free, and Jupiter will be happy to set up a crowdfunding page (here's Chess'!) for anyone who wants to use this method.

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