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Each Jupiter Camp module is designed to prepare you for the next. In the spirit of accessibility, we're focusing especially on those new to writing for onstage voices, new to creative collaboration, even new to sheet music. We want to bring affordable tools and resources to every community member who wants to make onstage music.

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We welcome attendees at all ability levels to apply regardless of ability to pay. If you really want to be here, we will find a way to make it happen.

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Io is our module for those experienced musicians who want to learn to communicate their musical ideas through sheet music. Without rehashing all the basic music theory you already know, we will teach you how to use software to get your tunes to PDF -- and everything you need to know about staff-based music notation will be taught along the way as you're working on your own original songs.

Curriculum will include hands-on training with software and plugins, editing tutorials, exclusive access to tech tools that will make your life WAY easier, and methods for navigating and communicating in stage circles.

Completing the Io module will prepare you to dive into Module 1 as a composer.


GOAL: Learn how to write singable music for onstage narrative formats


  • Collaboration Skills

  • Singability for the Trained Voice

  • Writing Songs for Onstage Narratives

  • Accessibility from the Start: Creating Producible Narratives

  • Networking & Professional Skills

  • Self-Production Forms & Tools

  • Professional Inspiration-Triggering Tools

  • Next Steps: Planning For Progress



4 portfolio recordings, 1 live performance

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jupiter camp opera musicals


GOAL: Learn how to write multi-voice ensembles for affordable production


  • Open to participants in Module 1

  • Voice Types & Tropes (& How to Play With Them)

  • Vocal Harmonies & Text for Two (Or More)

  • What the Director Would Say About Ensemble Staging

  • Creating Visually: Using the Wonderful World of Stage Design

  • Queer Community Building: How to Contribute & Get Resources

  • Internet Skills for the MT/Opera Creator: Creative & Networking

  • Next Steps: Planning For Progress



4 portfolio recordings, 1 live performance


GOAL: Learn how to construct scenes and multi-instrument accompaniments


  • Open to participants in Module 2

  • Small Ensemble Accompaniment for Onstage Storytelling

  • What the Stage Manager Would Say on Structuring Your Scene

  • In Real Time: A Thrilling Primer on Technical Theater

  • Genre Play, God Level: Master the Blend

  • Put It Up: How to Stage Your Scene Locally

  • Promoting Your Work & Getting Butts in Seats

  • Next Steps: Planning For Progress



4 portfolio recordings, 1 live performance

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GOAL: Learn and begin work on your first one-act piece


  • Open to teams formed of participants in Module 3

  • The Most Producible Show: A Setting That Works

  • Working With Performers to Get Your Show Produced

  • Dramaturgy & How to Slice Up Your Precious Baby Regularly

  • Creative Production: Using Your Community of Resources

  • How to Solicit Individual & Institutional Donations

  • Pitching Your Show for Grants & Production

  • Next Steps: Diligence, Support, Deadlines


30-50% completion of piano/vocal score first draft


GOAL: Continuing work (and workshopping) on one-act first drafts


  • Open to participants in Ganymede 1

  • Turning Boundaries Into Opportunies

  • Magical Words: What Will Make Them Gasp?

  • Magical Music: What Will They Be Humming Tomorrow?

  • Ultimate Magic: What Does This Do for the Community?

  • Marketing Your Show: Collateral, Branding, & Online Promotion

  • Accessible Art: Filming Your Work for an Online Audience

  • Next Steps: Planning For Progress



50-85% completion of piano/vocal score first draft with production opportunities in the works

Ganymede 2 participants may submit their projects for consideration as one of Jupiter's grant applications.

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