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He's rude.

He's French.

He's an unapologetic slut.

The Queen finds him delightful.

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In 1581, Queen Elizabeth I of England is the most powerful woman in the world. But like many women, she's oblivious to the flaws of her beloved suitor, Henri of Anjou. 26 years her junior, Anjou disgusts her ladies with his lewd manners, discomfits her court with his bawdy stories, and enrages her ministers with his Catholic faith. Finally, Elizabeth's ladies in waiting hatch a plan to expose Anjou and knock the queen out of her "la vie en rose" state -- at a cabbage festival.


Radical access starts with shows everyone can afford! Frog was created to be spectacular and engaging while leaning on skills, experience, talent, and community to keep budgets low. "Sloppy historical" design styles will be your new best friend.



The first performance is on the calendar.

Come see Frog at Jupiter Fest!


The role of Anjou is being created in consultation with vocalists and coaches with expertise in first-time tenor singing. In other words, if you've been singing soprano, mezzo, or contralto roles and want to break into tenor rep, this role is designed to be a perfect stepping stone on that journey. From vowel shapes to melodic lines, every facet of the Anjou character and music is being crafted to make new tenors feel confident and sound professional.

A core Jupiter belief is that everyone should sing the music that feels right for them, regardless of gender. Frog gives trans, gender-nonconforming, and cis female performers a fun, campy opportunity to explore cross-fach singing with little to no risk.

jupiter opera frog.jpg
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