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The Jupiter Opera Development Foundation was created in 2023 by Jude O'Dell as a spiritual successor to Magic Circle Opera (est. 2017), a San Francisco-based independent opera company devoted to creating spaces and productions for queer performers and stories. Currently based in Richmond, Virginia, Jupiter's leadership and goals have grown to include many identities. We remain a queer-centered creative community focused on

telling our stories in our voices.

jupiter opera.jpg

While we often struggle to be seen and heard in mainstream performing arts, Jupiter is a chance for us to build a table of our own, one where we can gather, work, celebrate, and plan for the future we want.

A big part of building this table is getting more and better resources, so a main aim of the Jupiter Opera Development Foundation is and will be creating new professional models for the performing arts - especially when it comes to diverse, robust revenue streams and creative use of technology.

We've built a Board of Directors composed of diverse industry leaders as well as advisors from the worlds of business, technology, and the recording arts; and we're all aimed at one crystal-clear goal: telling our stories in our voices.


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